How to Download Reels Audio from Instagram as MP3

If you like audio from the Instagram reels and want it to download into your device then here we have the best solutions for you. We have wrapped a few methods by which you can save reel audio for future reference and play it whenever you want. Apart from this, we also have mentioned an amazing tool in the below steps which can help you to download audio from Instagram to mp3 easily.

You can search for the same songs on YouTube or SoundCloud but the facts are, Reels have some great remix versions of tracks that are hard to find on the other platforms. So, why don’t we download it right from the available source we have on the point, Instagram? Let’s get started with the process before you waste any more minutes.

Use Insta MP3 Downloader

This tool is free and it will let you store the mp3 file directly to your device. To know how this tool works, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • First of all, you have to find the reels shareable link. For this go to the Instagram application.
  • Open the reels section or the saved reels video and play it.
  • On the right side you’ll see the three-dots option icon, click on it.
  • It will expand a list or a few extra options, click on Copy Link.
  • This will copy the video URL to your clipboard.
  • Go to this website
  • Scroll down to the available text area to paste the copied link.
  • Click on the download button, it will start scanning the link and offer you a variety of formats.
  • Choose the MP3 Audio format and hit enter.
  • This will download the only audio file out of the video and download it into your device.
  • You can repeat the steps to download the reels video or Instagram audio download mp3 format.

Bookmark It

Don’t want to store the audio into your gallery but want to save it for later then there is another way to keep an eye on your favorite audio files. You can save as many audio files as you want and they’ll be connected to your Instagram profile, so whenever you log in to their account, all your saved will be with you.

The basic term for this process is called Bookmark, Instagram has an option called “Saved” to make different categories of images videos, audios, or filters to bookmark a collection of your most liked objects and store it on your profile.

  • Go to your profile and play the reels of that audio that you want to bookmark.
  • Once the video is on screen, on the bottom you’ll see an option to read out the name of the audio file.
  • Click on it and on the next page you’ll see the audio file along with the recently created videos with that particular audio.
  • You can check them out, if you want to, or just click on the save icon on the right side of audio details.

How to use saved video?

  • Open the saved tracks page and click on your favorite audio out of the collection list.
  • You’ll find a floating button at the bottom with the “Use Audio” tag.
  • Click on it and start recording your videos with the same audio.
  • That’s all.

Why do we need Instagram audio?

It helps you in getting more engagement and makes your content even more professional. If you add a music layer then your video seems amazing and the audience will love to share it with their knows. So, if you’re making a reel, don’t forget to add music to it.

Are there any copyright issues?

We suggest you use this audio on Instagram only, don’t upload videos with this audio on platforms like youtube. This may cause big trouble for your channel and you may face several copyright strikes against it.


In the end, we hope that you’ve found the solution for how to download reels audio from Instagram to mp3. If there is any doubt or unanswered question on your mind, don’t be shy and drop the queries into the below comments box. We will surely answer your doubts within a few working hours and solve your all issues.


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